The Backstory to Immore

      The most important question I want you all to ask yourselves is..........How much does a polar bear weigh???


     Enough to break the ice, Hi there ladies and gents my name is Akeem Daniels and I'd like to thank you for showing interest in Immore Fitness (and for laughing at my silly sense of humor).


    So what is the story behind this Immore Fitness name anyway? Great question, I'll explain.....


     I can vividly remember being a high-spirited, audacious, open-minded, joyful young child. Growing up all over the stomping grounds of Central Florida, I developed passions for playing sports, venturing through nature, admiring art and simply being happy. I recall random circumstances where my aura was brought up in a positive light. At the time, being a die hard Dragon Ball Z fan, I just figured that an aura,  was another way of saying I'd grow up to be a super saiyan in real life with the gold flames shedding light around my body. Seriously! But as a kid, my dreams were limitless. Anything was possible. In the moment, the compliments and positive opinions I recieved from friends, family, and even strangers at times made me feel superior. My day would go from good to great real quick. As I got older, society, circumstances, events, LIFE.....It all happened at the same time. Well, it's always occurring. I just reached an age where I could start to comprehend life. It was then, that a shift occurred. A dark shift. 

          Between the losses of close family members who still hold a great impact on my life and journey, to the near death experiences of my mother and father, having somewhat of a strict upbringing, and the battle I faced within myself, I went into a dark hole for years. Feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, loneliness, anger, and confusion all started to settle in. Looking back, I believe it was a dark spirit that latched on to my livelihood. I would notice random moments where I would become depressed, anxious, selfish, and angry at the world for no apparent reason sometimes. Though there were times I did have the right to "feel," but I was never pleased with attaching myself to emotions. So, I shut down and shut off. This went on to occur for years throughout high school and college. There were plenty of moments where life just didn't feel "right" anymore. My happiness derived from my favorite hobbies and activities, but I would begin to notice that the opinions of others dictated my mood at any given moment. I felt like I had to live up to everyone's expectations of me. Only problem was, I never felt like I accomplished anything in doing so. I always fell short. I felt as if I were less than who I actually was. I believed I could never be more because it was difficult for me to believe I was more than your opinion of me. I started to question my purpose and if there was a fit for me on this planet. Yes, thoughts of suicide would creep into my mind occasionally because of this belief that I was less. That feeling of being "less" slowly diminished my pursuit towards my purpose. I was looking for someone to accept me but I never accepted myself. I wouldn't whole-heartedly accept my accomplishments because I did not feel worthy of any of the good that was present in my life.  The feeling? Life-"less." I call it the Walking Dead. I'm here physically, but dead soulfully. I felt I was less than what I originally thought of myself in my childhood.


          Sure I was a talented all-around athlete, I excelled in my studies, and people always showed appreciation to my folks for the way they raised their three hardworking young men. Momentarily, these external rewards brought a sense of a temporary happiness but this would all subside when I'd get alone. I'd be in a constant battle within myself that was bigger than any game I'd ever competed in.


        This brought me back to the old Cherokee Legend, "The Tale of the Two Wolves." “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you." It's a fight that goes on within all of us. As every fight concludes, a winner will always present themselves. The winner in this fight is the wolf you feed the most and I was feeding a dark spirit, my evil wolf, for a very long time.


     My inner wolf of peace and joy, would go on to lose so many battles to its other half. I had become very susceptible to society's opinions of myself rather than believing that I am more than that. I believed I was lesser of a person than everyone else. I never completely believed that I was worthy enough to attain success. I always felt as though someone else should be in my current position of life when things were too good to be true. It wasn't until recently that the words "I'm More" came forth in a dream where my life was one second from being taken away by a violent group of individuals. That was until my eyes awoke. "I AM MORE." Those words kept replaying in my head. I started to speak these words every morning before my day commenced. I now believe that "I am more." I am more than how I'd perceived myself. This gave my soul "life" and a newly revived purpose. I'm now in a constant pursuit of this purpose of being more, doing more, seeing more, living more, believing more, realizing that I Am More, and spreading this concept of "More" to individuals who want to achieve more out of life through health and fitness.


     I created the concept of "Immore Fitness" to grasp the minds of individuals to believe that they are more than what they perceive themselves as being. I strongly believe that mental health is the predecessor to physical health. The stronger our mental minds are prior to physical fitness, the less difficult it will be to achieve an optimal level of health/fitness holistically. But.......I also believe that naturally restructuring the physical body may help propel our mental states to newer positive heights. Thus, we will become closer to reaching the highest healthiest versions of ourselves. In the production of acquiring more knowledge and insight on health and nutrition, my goal is to restore hope and faith in each individual and create individualized plans to help people reach their next level of holistic fitness. Through mental assessments, health conscious nutrition programs, and challenging fitness plans, Immore Fitness aims to help individuals reach and surpass any and all Holistic Fitness goals. As one of our most famous fitness professionals stated himself, "Where the mind goes, the body will follow - Arnold Schwarzenegger."


     Immore Fitness uncovers the seed within each of us. It brings YOU one-step closer towards achieving a healthier and fitter lifestyle that will help bring you more out of life! "Nothing Less."