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Fit or Nah?

But I don't know where to start.....

A thought we all have experienced. The decision to work out vs. watching TV can be a very difficult decision at times, especially when we don't "feel" like doing anything.

Guess what?

This question pops up in my head prior to at least 90% of my personal workouts. I don't always "feel" like getting up at 3:30am every morning to prepare mentally and physically for my gym session, but I do. I can't count how many times I've fell victim to hitting that snooze button. Truth is, we're not motivated all the time. Eventually it subsides and a sense of comfort settles in. Find out your purpose and work towards that and give yourself a legitimate reason to begin or continue improving your over health/fitness levels. It is in those times where your character and discipline will be tested. I found it easier to make the decision for myself to get up and get going before I could create a thousand different reasons why I should stay tucked in my bed every morning. As Mel Robbins states in her 5 second Rule book, give yourself a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown to take action on whatever it is you are contemplating on doing. I've applied this tool to quiet my indecisiveness and lower my ability to procrastinate. It's a great tool that is easy and a life-changer when used in opportunistic situations.

In working in cooperated management, I found that people aren't happy being lazy and if they are, they crave for some magic event to happen or a unicorn to show up and "change" their lives. At some point, I'm sure we've all waited on something or someone to lead a process of change due to a feeling of hesitation on how to start/adapt to the change ourselves. When it comes to reaching a healthy level of fitness, it requires a very disciplined and mentally tough individual to possess the ability to consistently push yourself every day to be great. Even then, it usually takes the help of other individuals to step in and help motivate/elevate a person to that next level of self discipline. Having a mentor/ trainer, or going through an experience that ignites a fire are just a few ways that individuals tend to kick start their fitness journey.

Look, I understand exactly how you're feeling..... No, I really do.

I've had personal trainers for almost 20 years. They came in the form of coaches, mentors, role models, physical therapists, and some certified personal trainers. It is okay to seek the service of others for help or to acquire knowledge on anything. I've worked with a lot of individuals who admit after some weeks of training, about how difficult it was to shed their ego and ask for help from a personal trainer or just another experienced individual. I'm here to tell you that it will benefit you more than you think. It may take time to find the person who best suits your goals and style of exercise but once you find someone who's as compassionate about your health as you are, you've struck gold!!!

To begin your process, I suggest that everyone does their research. Gain a little more knowledge and insight on routines, techniques, exercises, benefits, potential drawbacks, and testimonials of individuals who have been through what you're about to go through. This information is very important because there are trainers who do lack the knowledge of what best suits you and your health. You want to make sure that your hard earned money is being spent intelligently and efficiently. As a personal trainer, I love clients who ask questions because that's exactly what I did to get to where I'm at today. I've learned so much from other individuals unique perspectives and experiences. It's only made mine much better than previously. The more info I can provide you, the better off you will be in applying it to your daily lifestyles. Don't just be a yes-man or a yes-woman. Ask away folks!

I would also suggest that individuals assess where they are currently at today. Figure out your mental strengths and weakness. Assess your physical strengths and weaknesses. This enable you to be more aware of the areas you need to progress at versus the areas you do exceptionally well at. Write down attainable goals and create a plan that gives you the best chance to challenge yourself and succeed. Now, take into account your current lifestyle. How will your schedule and priorities change? How will exercising affect your career? Family? Relationships? Etc. Is this a lifestyle you want to adapt or is it just temporary for an upcoming event? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve your fitness goals? There are a number of questions to ask, but again, ask away. Be true to yourself. As a fitness pro, we should be helping you develop a routine that blends fitness with your daily living. The 24 hour days won't change just because you've decided to add fitness training to your busy day schedule. Fitness may have to triumph over going shopping with the crew for a while. Trust me, the results will leave you in awe and all those sacrifices you make will definitely show in the results as time progresses.

Take your time. Don't procrastinate. Figure out what you want out of life and how you plan on getting there. Don't be afraid to trust in others for info. If you don't know the answer to a question, there are a million different avenues out here to take to find the answer. Better yet, there are a million different individuals waiting to help you out. The decision is ultimately yours. Make the decision. Live fit and healthy!

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