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Clean Slate Moment

Akeem Daniels had what most people would deem to be the perfect life. A loving family, a testament to his parents' 30-year marriage, he was in peak physical condition and had built a successful career in the retail industry. Yet, with all that seemed to be going right, inwardly Akeem was dealing with years of pent-up frustration that led to what Daniels describes as, a moment that took him "out of character". He knew then it was time for a clean slate.

"I had created success working in retail only to find that it didn’t feel as if I was fulfilling my soul's purpose. I was selling products that didn't resonate with me or align with my lifestyle.

The turning point for me was the day I walked into work and reacted to a minor mistake by a team member in a manner that was completely out of character for me. After our conversation, I went into the restroom and took a good look at myself in the mirror and decided it was time.

I dug up the confidence to quit my job in retail and started a career in fitness where I could make a positive impact on those around me as well as on a global scale. The bonus, I figured, was being able to do what I loved and get paid to do it".

In May 2017, Akeem's fresh start lead him to implement a plant-based diet after watching the Netflix documentary, 'What the Health'.

"It had so much of an effect on me that I decided to start a new path to veganism which miraculously developed into living a fully plant-based lifestyle.

I always envisioned myself following my passion and allowing it to evolve into a career. I come from a sports background, both my parents excelled in collegiate sports so, fitness is deeply embedded within my DNA. I started training people long before I made it a career".

Akeem's overall strength began in childhood. "I started physically training when I was ten years old but that’s also when my mental training came into play. Conditioning myself to run 50-yard hill-sprints in the most humid parts of the day, rather than staying home and playing video games were moments that physically broke me down. Watching both my parents lives nearly cut short due to health issues were the moments that mentally broke me down.

I began to think of life as a muscle, the breaking down and rebuilding only to come back stronger. I understood that my perception of the circumstances before me was a key factor in shaping my character.

Akeem credits his parents for having a major impact on his life. "They taught me humility through their struggles, strength through

their pain, and compassion through their kindness towards others. They taught me the value of commitment and raised me to be the best individual that I can be, to give to this world.

The best advice I ever received was, there will be times when you are called to sacrifice the things that you want for the people that you love. So, I strongly believe that, what is meant to be, will always be meant for me".

Akeem feels that a large part of his soul's purpose is in giving back and making sure to leave what he calls his 'energy signature' as a positive mark on the world around him.

"I believe there needs to be a greater emphasis on supporting holistic health. I think that if the education system implemented classes geared towards love, self-awareness, nutrition, financial and relationship guidance, this world would be a better place".

In 2018, Akeem launched IMMORE Fitness, coaching clients with his own unique form of fitness training coined "Keemotherapy" (a take on his first name) which he defines as the 'Projection of the mind and the extension of the soul'.

As far as Akeem's advice to others who may be on the fence about living their dreams - "Overcome over-thinking with a decision. Ask yourself, is this truly what you want? If you didn’t get paid for it would you still pursue this dream? Study others and most importantly start by starting! Remember that we are everything we’ve ever wanted.

Today, Akeem's strength is built upon on a solid foundation of patience, persistence, and simply choosing not to give up, regardless of the condition he's in.

"I learn to find joy in the simple things, the very gift of living or being outside in nature and the stillness that creates for me.

I am most proud of my evolution. I never would’ve imagined being on the path I am currently. I am thankful for the boy I once was, I am appreciative of the man I am today and most importantly I am excited about who I will become as my life unfolds going forward.

My experiences have led me to a life of abundance, gratefulness, and peace. I don’t give myself time to settle in fear, I overcome it with immediate action and conquer it. To me, that’s where courage and confidence are bred".

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